Art and technology

In TOGAMA, we understand that design is an added value that sets us apart from the rest, which is an imprint that remains latent in each of the projects we develop, and which is the necessary ingredient for us to create spaces with a life of our own.


Products that inspire spaces

TOGAMA  is in constant evolution and proof of it is the new range of products that is developing for the channel of decoration material.

New textures, shapes and finishes that provide a contemporary style to any stay.

The goal is to achieve a sense of elegance without resorting to stereotypes.



En TOGAMA we combine art and technology. More than a mosaic factory, we are a company that continually takes the pulse at the forefront to offer a mosaic that is above the technical expectations and style demanded by professionals.


Therefore, more than a product, we offer a way to understand the urban and domestic space within the framework of high decoration, betting on a personalized lifestyle where concern for detail and sensitivity to new trends are our philosophy of product.